Welcome to the world of Far From Eden!

a sweeping romance epic set in Colonial America, and writen by mystery/romance author Marva Dale

FAR FROM EDEN is the engrossing and dramatic story of the Traynor family's struggle to forge a life in Colonial America of the 1700s.  The sweeping narrative takes place in the Massachusetts Colony, from the small village of Hopewell, to the seamy underbelly and elite streets of Boston, to the sophisticated salons of Europe.  The lives of the Traynors are forever changed and shaped by the pivotal changes in history -- from the beautiful Tabitha Traynor who is scorned and accused of witchcraft to the volatile lives of her children -- Eve, a prominent grand dame of the brothels who meets and is undone by the evil Sir Christopher Montrose;  Jonathan, a parish vicar by day, but a mysterious, rum-smuggling pirate by night; and Lina, the high-spirited artist who sets out to break the rules of morality.  Love, romance, passions, mystery, deception, betrayal, and the major events of history impact the Traynor family saga until the dramatic and surprising ending.  The story will stay in the reader's mind long after the last page is turned.


Far From Eden:  New World is available at www.amazon.com, or at the author's site:  https://sbpra.com/MarvaDale/



  • Meet Marva’s rich and exciting characters:

  • The beautiful and guileless Tabitha Traynor

  • The prim and proper Rev. Jeremy Traynor who adores his wife Tabitha

  • Their impetuous and dangerous daughter, Eve Traynor, who defies convention and seeks to satisfy her lustful passions!

  • Her brother, Jonathan Traynor, a pious minister by day, but a dangerous rum runner by night, and who leads a band of ruthless sailors under the name of Captain Giles!

  • Sir Christopher Montrose, a cruel and amoral man who falls under Eve's spell!

  • and many, many more!!